The BRACAC’s medical unit includes a child-friendly examination room and small laboratory. Physicians with specialized training and experience in pediatric medicine and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual abuse conduct child-sensitive, noninvasive medical examinations to ensure a child is healthy and without injury. It is the unit’s ultimate goal to minimize any additional trauma to a child by reducing unnecessary and repeat examinations. The examination also collects and documents forensic evidence, if present. While physicians who are specially trained in the medical diagnosis and treatment of child sexual abuse recommend alleged child victims receive a medical examination at the earliest opportunity, most examinations are not “acute” situations and can be scheduled during the Center’s regular clinic days.


The Center’s Medical Unit is staffed by pediatricians and family physicians who have received special training on the medical evaluation and treatment of child sexual abuse. They provide quality, on-site medical examinations for children at the Center regardless of an ability to pay. Because the Center’s physicians provide these examinations at the Center on a volunteer basis, their only contact with the children is through the Center. They do not provide these examinations at their private practice clinics. They also do not maintain records or discuss BRACAC cases through their private practice clinics. While the Center provides specialized comprehensive child sexual abuse medical examinations regardless of an ability to pay, it does attempt to bill Medicaid and private health insurance carriers whenever possible to help support the mission and provision of medical services at the Center. Non-offending parents and/or caregivers are never charged or “billed” for medical services provided by the Center.

Referrals & Scheduling

The Center works closely with and receives referrals routinely from:
• Physicians and Medical Professionals;
• Law enforcement and Child Protection Workers
• Concerned parents and caregivers.

To schedule an examination for a child, call the Center at (270) 783-4357. The Center is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Medical Examinations are scheduled on a regular and acute basis, as determined appropriate.

Physicians and Medical Professionals
Physicians and medical professionals may make a referral directly to the Center; however, the referral to the Center does not meet the requirement for mandated reporting of abuse to the Department for Community Based Services /Health & Family Services Cabinet and local law enforcement. Center staff will gladly provide medical professionals with the necessary contact information and assist them with the reporting process.

How You Can Help?
Did you know you can help a victim of child sexual abuse by requesting a “I Care About Kids” license plate the next time you update the tags on your automobile? Or make a quick contribution when doing your taxes? Administered by the Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention Board, the child Victim’s Trust Fund (CVTF) receives revenue from proceeds of the “I Care About Kids” special license plates, the Kentucky Income Tax Refund Check-Off and private donations. Children’s Advocacy Centers such as the BRACAC receive those funds to help support medical examinations to children living in their service regions. For more information, please call the BRACAC at (270)783-4357 or visit

Child Victim's Trust Fund License Plate