The Center’s facility is designed to make children feel safe and comfortable when they are meeting with investigators and other members of the Multidisciplinary Team. Multiple private child and family friendly waiting rooms, a choice of three age appropriate interview rooms, and a pediatric medical examination room with a lab are just some of the amenities that provide comfort to child victims and their non-offending family members while “going through the system.”

The BRACAC is blessed with a large, spacious facility that has been especially designed to make children feel comfortable and safe when meeting with investigators and other members of the multidisciplinary team. The service areas are “home like” rather than clinical to further minimize a child’s feeling of “going through the system.”

The facility is handicap accessible complete with a ramp and a wheelchair lift to ensure every child and/or non-offending caregiver can comfortably receive services, as needed. The Center is a smoke free facility.

Multiple Private Child and Family Friendly Waiting Rooms:

Children and families are made as comfortable as possible in the Center’s Family Sitting Room and the Tree House Room.

Multiple Age Appropriate Interview Rooms:

Children are given a choice of three age appropriate interview rooms in which to speak with investigators when telling their stories of abuse.

Pediatric Medical Examination Room:

The Center is equipped with child-friendly examination rooms and specialized equipment that provides physicians with the ability to evaluate a child’s body in a non-invasive manner and collect and document evidence of abuse whenever necessary.

Child Play Therapy Room:

The Center’s primary Child Play Therapy Room offers children a private and safe place to receive counseling and therapy services at their own pace.

The Center also offers a Family/Group Therapy Room for private group or family sessions involving a child’s non-offending caregivers and a large, child-friendly room to support group work and special activities for children and families.

Meeting Rooms:

The Center is committed to continually providing professional training and development to all members of the Multidisciplinary Teams of the Barren River Region. It is equipped with two large conference rooms to comfortably support that effort.